3 Easy Ways to Style a Middle Part

If you’ve found yourself in a hair slump recently, you’re not alone–and switching up your part might be just the refresh you need. A middle part hairstyle is effortlessly classic and cool, and swapping your side part for a center divider is an easy way to change things up without getting too drastic.

A pro tip for rocking middle-parted strands: add some volume. Just a little bit of extra lift can prevent your locks from looking limp or too severe. Ahead, see how to style a middle part three ways–and give your look a much-needed boost.

1.All-Down Loose Waves


  1. Style hair in loose waves, save the front sections for last.
  2. I recommend creating loose waves using a big barrel curling iron all in the same direction away from the face, leaving out ends. For this look, I used a 1.5-inch iron.
  3. Spray with dry shampoo and tease at the root from about an inch back. This helps maintain volume at the front of the middle part.
  4. Smooth over the top of the tease and curl front sections away from the face. Tousle waves with a texture spray or light-hold hairspray.

2.Low Textured Ponytail


  1. Starting with tousled waves (you can use the technique from above), tease hair at the crown and smooth over the top.
  2. Gather hair at the nape of the neck and secure with a hair tie.
  3. Grab the two sides of the ponytail and pull to cinch the ponytail and give messy texture.
  4. Pinch and pull on hair at the crown for added volume and finish face-framing waves. Secure with a medium-hold hairspray.

3.Modern Middle Part


  1. Brush out curls and smooth with nourishing spray.
  2. Smooth down hair at the part, smooth down the edges as desired.
  3. Smooth and tuck each side behind the ears.
  4. Spray with a medium-hold hairspray to keep in place.

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