3 Cute Ways to Style Your Hair Under a Hat

This fall is all about big hat energy. Wide-brim hats are offering extra cool points to any outfit this season, which of course begs the question: But how do I wear my hair? Well, you’ve got options. Whether you prefer to wear your strands down, up, or somewhere in between, here are three easy-to-achieve hat hairstyles to take you through the season–and beyond! “Hat hair?” Yes, please.

1. Half-Up


  1. Pull hair at the crown into a chunky half-up ponytail.
  2. Wrap a section of the hair from the ponytail around the elastic and pin into place.

2. Low Bun


  1. Pull hair into a low ponytail (remove face-framing pieces).
  2. Only pull through halfway on the last pull.
  3. Wrap the remaining hair around the elastic and pin into place.
  4. Some pieces will fall–pick and choose which ones you leave out and which ones you pull across, and secure for that messy look.

3. All Down Braid


  1. Grab a section of hair a couple of inches back from the hairline.
  2. Create a three-strand braid and secure with a clear elastic.
  3. Pull-on the braid for fullness or leave for a tighter look.

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